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Our factory

NTS Ltd. is more than a service agency or a trading supplier, we are in fact also a direct garment manufacturer.

Thanks to our own factory we are able to plan independently the capacity and workflow according to our customers’ requests. Most importantly, having a direct control over the production, we can ensure the highest quality standard.

Decades of production and factory management experience from our Germany company have been transferred to our Chinese plant. Combined with permanent training and qualification of the workforce, this makes for a competitive and flexible production facility.

The factory, located in Anqing, Anhui province, utilizes top state of the art technology from companies like Lectra, Gerber, Juki, Pfaff, Brother and Veit. The plant currently employs ca. 500 workers in one unit, with 10 sewing lines.

The factory is based on a professional management of capacity, workflow organization and quality control. It meets the highest social and ecological compliance audits. Apart from BCSI audit (Business Social Compliance Initiative), the plant has successfully passed the audits of the most demanding European and American customers.


JV Partners

NTS Ltd. operates the factory in partnership with the Huamao Group, one of the biggest cotton producer in China. NTS Ltd. benefits from the support of this well established partner in every aspect of doing business in China.


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