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 Mr. Josef Kaemmerer

  General Manager & Chairman of the board

  More than 20 years of experience in executive and General manager functions  in the fashion industry.

 Mr. Wolfram Geuting



Born in Gladbeck, Germany. He has dedicated his professional life to the apparel business. Literally   grown up in a garment factory –his family’s- he has started since the littlest age to deal with garments’development and production.

At age 23, he was one of the youngest factory manager in Romania, where he ran a plant with more then 300 workers.
In his mid 20’s he moved to Italy where he worked as quality advisor and product developer for one of the biggest German company in the garment industry.

He then lived in Bangalore, India, for five years and opened that market to production for European brands.Since 1998 he lives in Shanghai. Aware of both Western mind-set in the garment field and having established a wide network in China and Asia, he is today running one of main global fashion provider organizations.  


 Mr. Calvin Ye



Ye Zhonglin, Calvin Ye in English name,male, undergraduate degree, worked in a television factory and a textile mill and engaged in financial work after graduating in 1995. He came into contact with the clothing industry in 2000, working in a garment factory in Cambodia and another one in Saipan as chief financial officer, and learned garment production. In 2004, he was appointed GM of the garment factory in Saipan. Returned in early 2008, he was a vice financial direction of a listed company,and helped to build a new garment factory. He worked at NTS since Jun 2009,in charge of financial and internal management.

He is a proficient financial management, understands garment production and trade, and is familiar with the company management.

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